USED Parts

In this section you will find an ever-changing list of used SERVICEABLE parts for Your aircraft. Check back often as I will update when I get new inventory.

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1961 PA-18 150 Project

1961 PA18 150 Project . 1225TTAFE NDH Wings still in original fabric. Fuse stripped to install V brace X braces .. More details to come!

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1994 MX7 180A ***********SOLD*********

Here we have a Very nice MX7 180A Maule that turns heads and performs very well. 1990 TTSN
VFR basic panel. Great flyer well balanced and flys hands off.

1371# EW
1028# Useful load

Listed price equipped with New 8.50x6 tires and standard tailwheel. Bushwheels can be added at extra cost.

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Super Maule

The ultimate combination of the Maule and Super Cub brought together in this EXPERIMENTAL aircraft built give you the best of both aircraft. A Modified MX7 fuselage combined with Dakota Cub Slotted PA 18 wings and Performance STOL Double slotted Flap system, carbon fiber floor boards and a full aluminum headliner and panel interior with the high visibility of patroler windows and Sea plane doors coupled behind a fire breathing IO-540 pumping out 350hp bolted to a 86" Mac Propeller.

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1999 M8 235C **********PENDING***********

Here we have a 1999 M8 235C O-540 B4B5 Capable of Auto fuel STC, A Full IFR Panel with STeck 50 Auto Pilot. Garmin 430 GPS with WAAS capability and Garmin 250XL PS Engineering Audio Panel. 31" Bushwheels and Tundra Tailwheel! Ready for whatever adventure you want to throw at it.

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